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Regardless of the purpose for which you need to write an essay, the most important thing is to find a competent service with which it is convenient to cooperate. Reliable service always means high quality, unique, and interesting content, as well as a complete feeling of satisfaction after cooperation. But how do you choose a good essay-writing service? Let’s look at 12 characteristics that will help with your choice.

What Are Essay Writing Services and Why Do You Need Them?

An essay is a short but informative piece of work. It may examine a specific topic, argue a point of view, or analyze a specific issue. Essay writing services are provided by professional writers, writers, and copywriters. They enable students, academicians, businessmen, and other clients to get quality and original essays on various topics. A professional service allows you to solve all problems that require writing text content.

According to research, the global market for essay writing services was worth US$1.50 billion in 2021. And by 2028 it will continue at an average annual growth rate of 8.9%. Indeed, the service is very relevant for all areas from education to business for several reasons:

  1. Time-Saving: When writing a quality essay, you need to spend a lot of time on research, analysis, and writing. This is a labor-intensive process. Service professionals are experts in their field, who do everything efficiently with minimal expenditure of resources.
  2. High-quality work: Professional writers have experience and knowledge in various fields. They create high-level essays.
  3. Support for skill gaps: Writing an essay sometimes seems easy. But without the necessary skills, it will be extremely difficult to compose it. Services solve this problem by providing the desired result.
  4. Guaranteed uniqueness: All content created by professionals is unique. This protects against problems in all niches where original content is required.

In addition, professional essay writing services always provide expert opinion, strict adherence to deadlines, and the ability to always get a reliable tool for solving problems.

12 Key Features of Choosing the Most Reliable Essay Writing Service

Most Reliable Essay Writing Service: 12 Key Features
Most Reliable Essay Writing Service: 12 Key Features

No. 1. Online Presence

Pay attention to how the service positions itself. Good service is always a good investment in your presence on the Internet. Without quality marketing, no company can remain competitive, and therefore profitable. And when there is no profit, there is no team of professionals.

Pay attention to whether the service has a website and how convenient and informative it is. Is there a presence on social networks and at least a minimal loyalty system?

No. 2. Reputation

When searching, be sure to evaluate all reviews about the service. Don’t limit yourself to just the comments you see on the site. Explore reviews on other sites. Pay attention to their “sincerity.” It’s best when comments about the work of the service are live and written by people.

No. 3. Optimal Pricing

Evaluate the price range of the service. Compare it with pricing from other companies. If the price list includes a cost for every tiny detail in the form of “price for writing a title” or “one line of the list costs …”, your essay will be very expensive. It is best to choose a service like a cheap essay writing service, where everything can be calculated directly on the website. An online calculator is a very convenient tool, both for the customer and for the service itself.

No. 4. Meeting Deadlines

Never use a service that misses deadlines. If you don’t receive your essay on time, it could be bad for your reputation. In a reliable service, all deadlines are guaranteed to be met.

No. 5. Loyalty System

To maintain competitiveness and a high level of reliability, services often offer a loyalty system. This could be an additional discount for large volumes, a convenient motivation system for further cooperation, 24/7 support service, etc.

No. 6. Customer Support

Good customer support is essential. It is necessary that the service is constantly in touch and can resolve your request at any time.

No. 7. Writers’ Qualifications

Pay attention to the writers’ presentation. Reliable services employ professionals who have extensive experience. In addition, there should be experts in specific areas that meet your needs.

No. 8. Essay Samples

Ask for examples of already prepared essays. A reliable service will not have questions about this. They will provide several samples on your topic. Read them carefully, evaluate the quality, and prepare a possible plan for the nuances that should be taken into account when writing your work.

No. 9. Data Privacy

A reliable essay writing service ensures the complete safety of the confidential data of its clients. He must ensure that no information about your company or the name of the student who ordered the work is made public.

No. 10. Money Back Guarantee

Any self-respecting service that is confident in its professionalism has a refund system. Most often, they return when deadlines are missed or the work does not meet the client’s expectations.

No. 11. Transparent Pricing

Unfortunately, services on the Internet often take advantage of the inattention of users. So, you may come across a company that quotes one price, but upon completion of the work, it will increase several times. Be sure to check with your consultant exactly what is included in the price and what the final bill will be. This will guarantee that even if your account is increased, you will have correspondence as proof.

No. 12. Editing Policy

Before starting cooperation, be sure to check whether the service has an editing policy. Otherwise, in the end, when the work is submitted, there is a high risk that no one will make changes. For example, you received a good essay, but an important issue was not addressed sufficiently. The editing policy will allow you to get the corrections you want free.


A good essay writing service always has its website, numerous live reviews, a good reputation, optimal prices, a loyalty system, a team of professionals, the ability to write any work, strict adherence to deadlines, and an editing policy. Put these tips into practice and choose real professionals!

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