Neem : A Boon in Medical and Dental Therapies: A review

Himanshu Deswal, Yogender Singh, Harpreet Singh Grover, Amit Bhardwaj


In traditional medicine most of the diseases have been treated by administration of plant or plant product. Neem, the versatile medicinal plant is the unique source of various compounds. It is considered as a valuable source of unique natural products for development of medicines against various diseases and also for the development of industrial products. Neem, an elegant medicinal plant was found to be the source of various bioactive compounds of medicinal and cosmetic importance. Each part of the neem tree has some medicinal property. This review gives a bird’s eye view mainly on the biological activities of the neem and some of their compounds isolated, pharmacological actions of the neem extracts, and plausible medicinal and dental applications.

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Neem : A Boon in Medical and Dental Therapies: A review



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Innovare Journal of Agricultural Sciences
Vol 4 Issue 2 2016 ( Apr-Jun) Page: 1-3

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Authors & Affiliations

Himanshu Deswal
PG Student, Department of Periodontology, Faculty of Dental Sciences, SGT University, Gurgaon.

Yogender Singh
PG Student, Department of Periodontology, Faculty of Dental Sciences, SGT University, Gurgaon.

Harpreet Singh Grover
Prof.& Head,Department of Periodontology,Faculty of Dental Sciences,SGT University,Gurgaon.

Amit Bhardwaj
Reader,Department of Periodontology,Faculty of Dental Sciences,SGT University,Gurgaon.


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