The control of apricot seed dormancy and germination by low temperature treatments

  • Mohamed A Seif El-Yazal Botany Department, Faculty of Agriculture, Fayoum University, 63514 Fayoum, Egypt


Freshly harvested seeds of "Local"apricot variety were found to be dormant and did not germinate at all. A specific low-temperature stratification treatment was required to overcome seed dormancy. The most effective temperature for breaking seed dormancy, germination and seedling growth was 5°C cold stratification. Increased seed germination percentage was recorded when the period of stratification prolonged. Seedling developed from stratified seeds had better growth than those developed from non-stratified seeds. Apricot seeds required a cold stratification of about 15 days for "Local" variety to reach maximum germination and normal seedling growth. Moreover, when stratification period was prolonged some of the chemical constituents of apricot seeds were increased and other was decreased. Therefore, it can be suggested that breaking of dormancy is coincided with several changes in different chemical constituents of seeds. Some ofthese materials increased(total, reducing and non-reducing sugars, total free amino acids, total indoles and total and conjugated phenols) and other materials such asfree phenols which decreased at seed germinations.

Keywords: apricot (PrunusarmeniacaL.), dormancy, stratification, germination, seedling growth, chemical constituents


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