• NARAYAN LAL ICAR-Indian Institute of Soil Science, Bhopal, MP


The experiment was conducted on ten litchi cultivars viz;Purbi, Bedana, Lal Bombay, Mandaraji, Calcuttia, Late Bedana, Trikolia, Dehradoon, Dehrarose and Seedless No. 2 at ICAR-NRC on Litchi, Muzaffarpur, Bihar during 2017-18to assess the physical and chemical composition of fruit as affected by fruit orientation on the tree. Fruits were picked both from lower and upper half portion of the tree and physio-chemical attributes were analyzed.The fruits at lower half were not only heavy in weight but also had more percentage of total acidity. However, stone weight, ascorbic acid content andtotal sugars were found to be more in fruits collected from upper half portion of the tree. Hence, it can be suggestedthat picking should be started from those fruits which are positioned at the lower half portion of the tree in order to collect fruits of superior quality.

Keywords: Cultivars, Physical, Chemical, Orientation, Lower, Upper


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