• Joachim Ikpeoha Kakie Njoku Michael Okpara University of Agriculture Umudike Abia State Nigeria


Access, Use, Print-media, Technology transfer, farmers


The study analyzed the use of print media in technology transfer among rural farm households in Imo State, Nigeria. Multi-stage and simple random sampling techniques were used to select 126 farm households for the study. Data were collected with a structured questionnaire and analyzed using descriptive statistics and ordinary least square multiple regression model. Result revealed that 48% and 51% of the farmers were males and females respectively, with mean age of 43 years, mean household size of 5 persons mean farming experience of 29 years, mean education of 14 years N31,573.8 and majority (81.7%) were married. A majority (2.92%) had highest access to posters and flyers (87.3%). The highest frequent use print media was flyers ( = 2.9). result also showed that The use of print media in technology transfer among rural farmers was effective although all (100%) the respondents were not giving the opportunity to ask questions. the coefficient of age, cost, farming experience, farm size household size, frequency of extension contact and access to print media significantly influenced the use of print media in technology transfer.  Time consuming ( = 2.8), high cost ( = 2.6), limited space ( = 2.6),  in accessible roads, ( = 2.3) political censor (2.6) and no interaction ( = 2.5) were serious constraints to use of print media in technology transfer. The study concluded that socio-economic characteristics of the farmers influenced use of print media in technology transfer that could improve their farm activities. Recommendations include; a public enlightenment programme on use of print media in rural areas to enrich farmers knowledge of improved technologies. Policies aimed at access and use of agricultural information extension teaching and learning that has higher return on agricultural productivity were advocated.


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