• Oladapo Odufale Nigerian Institute for Oil Palm Research


seed-nuts emergence germination correlation


Cultivation of coconut is deterred by unavailability of improved planting material. Reducing the quantity of un-germinated seed nuts will optimize nursery space as well as increase seedling production per cycle. The experimental design was randomized complete block with two treatments at two levels each and four replicates. Four hundred seed nuts were randomly selected while the remaining Four hundred were selected by sorting. The seed nuts were arranged in the seed beds in two treatment pattern ‘spaced’ and ‘cluster’ sowing methods with spacing of 30cm by 30cm and 5cm by 5cm respectively. There was no significant difference between the spacing methods tested. As much as spacing is between 5-30cm, the germination rate will be similar in ground bed nursery. There were differences in the germination parameters between the sorted and unsorted seed nuts. Sorting had significant effect on seed nut emergence 59.38A and 42.38B; p < 0.05 for the unsorted and sorted respectively. The number of days to emergence and germination was significant at 10% (84.50A; 72.72B), 25% (101.25A; 90.63B), and 50% (126.50A; 110.38B) for the unsorted and sorted respectively. The significant negative correlation coefficient (-0.56, p < 0.05) between fifty and maximum germination percentage indicated that sorted seed nuts attained fifty percent germination earlier than the unsorted ones. This will be effective in determining the duration of maximum germination percentage in the seed lots. Sorting before sowing is essential to ensure early germination of seed nuts and to achieve high germination percentage. It will as well save resources.


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