• Ranjit Chatterjee Uttar Banga Krishi Viswavidyalaya,Pundibari,Coochbehar,West Bengal
  • Sandip Mahanta
  • P.K. Pal


Vegetable crops are short duration in nature and sudden changes in climatic parameters at any developmental phase can affect the normal growth, flowering, pollination, fruit development and subsequently decrease the crop yield. Protected structures can play important role to minimize the impact of climatic change effect. Farmers are gradually adopting different protected structures to combat the climatic vagaries and emerging challenges in vegetable production. To understand adoption and utilization pattern of protected structures, an investigation was carried out during 2011-2012 through questionnaire survey in different vegetable belt of the district. The study revealed that habit of adoption of protected structures namely agro-shade net house, poly-tunnel, poly-house and pro-tray have increased during last 5 years. Poly-tunnel was the most used structure utilized for raising vegetable seedling during rainy season. Seedling rising in pro-trays and crop production inside agro-shade net also gaining popularity among the farmers. Although poly-tunnel was the most adopted structure but the performance of poly-house was emerged as best structure in field condition. Additional investment and lack of knowledge for proper utilization were the major factors hindering the large scale adoption of protected structures.

Author Biography

Ranjit Chatterjee, Uttar Banga Krishi Viswavidyalaya,Pundibari,Coochbehar,West Bengal
Department of Vegetable and Spice Crops,Faculty of Horticulture.Senior Lecturer.


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