Rasha Khalid Al-dhahir, Myasar Al-kotaji


Objective: The aim of this work was to formulate and evaluate orally disintegrating tablets of cinnarizine that were prepared by direct compression method using different types of diluents and super disintegrants. The rationale behind this work was to accelerate the disintegration of the tablet to provide rapid dissolution, quick action and enhanced bioavailability of the drug.

Methods: The tablets were prepared by direct compression method using different types of diluents as mannitol, microcrystalline cellulose (MCC), and lactose. Different super disintegrants were used such as crospovidone (CP), sodium starch glycolate (SSG) and Kyron T-314; Kyron T-314 was used in different concentrations of 5%, 6%, 7% and 8%. The prepared formulae (F1-F9c) were subjected to flowability studies and post-compression evaluation studies. The optimized formula was selected depending on the time of disintegration and dissolution, then it was subjected to drug-excipient compatibility study and stability study.

Results: Flowability results were ranging from excellent, excellent to good, and good to fair according to the type of the diluent used. All of the prepared tablets showed acceptable hardness, friability, drug content, and disintegration. A rapid disintegration of 11.66±2.25 s with the highest percentage 2 min-drug release of 74.55±3.01% was obtained by using the diluent lactose and the super disintegrant Kyron T-314 (8%) in the formula F9c. The infrared spectroscopic studies of the formula F9c showed no drug-excipient interaction. In addition, the stability study indicated that the optimized formula is a stable formula.

Conclusion: Formula F9c of a rapidly disintegrating tablet was easy to be manufactured and the results showed that this formula had a rapid disintegration, high dissolution profile, no noticeable chemical incompatibility and it was stable upon storage.


Orally disintegrating tablets, Super disintegrants, Cinnarizine, Direct compression


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