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Objective: The intent to prepare and evaluate Linezolid in- situ gel in the treatment of periodontitis.


Methods: pH sensitive in-situ gel were formed by cold method using varying concentration of drug, carbopol 934P and hydroxy propyl methyl cellulose (HPMC) and carbopol 934P and Sodium CMC (1:1,1:1.5,1:2,1:2.5). Optimized batch was selected based on gelling time and gelling capacity. The prepared in-situ gels were evaluated for appearance, pH, gelling capacity, viscosity, in-vitro release studies, rheological studies, and the finally was subjected to drug content estimation and antibacterial activity test.


Results: FTIR study shows drug and physical mixture were compatible with each other.. The rheology of formulated in-situ gel exhibited pseudoplastic flow pattern. this may be due to  the fact that when polymer concentration was increased  the prepared formulations becomes more viscous and in turn delayed the  drug release and  from the prepared formulation LF4 and SF4 has polymer concentration i.e, 0.9% carbopol and sodium CMC showed drug release up to 12 hours.


Conclusion: When carbopol is appropriately mixed with other suitable polymers it forms in-situ gel forming system was substantiated by the property to transform into stiff gels when the pH is increased. In-situ gel  was prepared using combination of carbopol-HPMC and carbopol-Na CMC The formulations LF1 to SF4 showed high linearity (R2 = 0.490-0.682) indicating that the drug was released from prepared in-situ gel by diffusion-controlled mechanism.Thus, the formulation of batches LF4 and SF4 containing carbopol: HPMC and carbopol: NaCMC in 1:2 ratios were considered as optimum formulation on the basis of optimum viscosity, gelling capacity and to extend the in-vitro drug release.

Keywords: Linezolid, in-situ gel, periodontal disease


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