• SIVA MADHU CHAITANYA Department of Pharmaceutical Analysis, KJR College of Pharmacy, Burugupudi, Andhra Pradesh, India
  • SRINATH NISSANKARARAO New York City Metropolitan Area, Montvale, New Jersey, USA 07645
  • SATYA LAKSHMI GANDHAM Department of Chemistry, Govt Degree College, Ganapavaram, Andhra Pradesh, India




Erlotinib, Ramucirumab, Development, Validation, NP-UPLC.


Objective: This investigation demonstrates a stability-indicating and reliable “normal phase ultra-performance liquid chromatography” method to simultaneously quantify Ramucirumab and Erlotinib in the pharmaceutical dosage form.

Methods: Successful separation was accomplished using Chiralcel-OD-3 column (50 mm x 4.6 mm, 3 μm) with isocratic type of elution using mobile phase containing n-hexane+isopropyl alcohol+methanol (89:10:1), respectively with 1.0 ml/min flow rate. The wavelength sensor was attuned at 266 nm to quantify Ramucirumab and Erlotinib.

Results: Erlotinib and Ramucirumab peaks were eluted with fine resolution at retention times 1.7807 min and 3.175min, respectively. In the 10-150 μg/ml and 1-15 μg/ml concentration ranges for Erlotinib and Ramucirumab, the calibration graphs were linear, with regression coefficients of 0.99928 and 0.99976, respectively. The suggested ultra-performance liquid chromatography approach has been shown as sensitive, precise, robust, accurate, specific and stability indicating through the resolution of Erlotinib and Ramucirumab from its degradation-based compounds.

Conclusion: The established ultra-performance liquid chromatography technique was effectively extended to the evaluation of Erlotinib and Ramucirumab in the pharmaceutical dosage form and the test results appeared satisfactory.


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