• PRADEEP KOPPOLU Faculty of Dentistry, Lincoln University College, Malaysia
  • RASHEED ABDULSALAM Faculty of Dentistry, Lincoln University College, Malaysia


NLRP3, Inflammasome, Innate immunity


Periodontitis disease is the most condition caused by the inflammatory response in the periodontal tissue. It is well known and established that alone the presence of pathogenic bacteria is insufficient in causing periodontitis disease. Immune response and pathways play a key role in development of lesions and hence it is necessary to understand the same to assess on how the disease is progressing. Further, it is observed that a comprehensive immune response is initiated in cases with periodontal disease. It is essential to summarize the mechanisms of the immune system involved in periodontal disease. Hence, to understand the immune mechanism and pathways that are also contributory factors for the progression of the disease, a database search is conducted with the keywords and two research articles are shortlisted and reviewed in this review article.


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