• P. Preetha
  • A. Sreenivasa Rao
  • G. Sadhana


Objectives: Gastric retention systems releases drugs at the preferred absorption site optimizes delivery of the drug, maximizing its therapeutic benefits and reduces side effects by permitting a large portion of the drug to be absorbed before passing through the lower G. I tract. One promising approach for this is gastric floating drug delivery systems (GFDDS) developed has provided several advantages as shown by the encouraging results reported earlier.

Methods: In the present investigation, the drug Metoprolol succinate was selected for the design of GFDDS. The drug has its absorption window in the stomach and upper small intestine. It is aimed to design and evaluate GFDDS of Metoprolol succinate effervescent floating matrix tablets with three different swell able polymers, where Hydroxy Propyl Methyl Cellulose (HPMC K100 M) was used as a standard polymer. The prepared GFDDS were evaluated for their floating lag time and total floating time. The in vitro dissolution studies of the GFDDS was done in simulated gastric environment.

Results: The results conclusively demonstrated that floating tablets of Metoprolol succinate were effectively prepared with desired properties. Floating tablets of Metoprolol succinate were prepared by direct compression method. The directly compressed formulations exhibited better in-vitro drug release profiles.

Conclusion: Floating Metoprolol succinate tablets containing different grades of HPMC as polymer and sodium bi carbonate as effervescent agent showed an in vitro drug release up to 24hours whereas marketed conventional formulation showed its action up to 8 hours.

Keywords: Floating, Effervescent, Metoprolol succinate, HPMC K100M.


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