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Environmental pollution, mental stress and modern life styles leads to accumulation of toxins in the body and exert their effect in the form of various chronic disorders like Vicharchika which can be compared to Eczema. The chronicity is due to intake of Virudhahara (incompatible food regimen) and Dooshi visha (latent or denatured poisons). So medicines using for its cure should contain antitoxic and anti inflammatory properties. Dasapushpa kera is mentioned in Malayalam visha chikitsa texts like Kriya koumudi, Visha vaidya jyosnika and Prayoga samuchaya in the context of Mandali Visha vrana .

Objective        To study the effect of Dasapushpakera in the management of Vicharchika

Methods         Sixty patients participated in the RCT study and thirty patients each with signs and symptoms of Vicharchika was assigned into 2 groups namely study and control group. Before starting treatment, Virechana with Avipatti choorna mixed with honey was given for both groups. Then Nimbanilavakadi kashaya  was given twice daily for 4 weeks for both groups. Washing with Triphala kashaya was also advised twice daily for both of them. Dasapushpa kera is advised for external application for 4 weeks for the study group.  The patients were reviewed on 15th day and 30th day. Follow up was done on 15th day and 30th day. The results were analyzed statistically.

Results & Conclusion            Study group showed more relief in Itching, Oozing, Skin eruption and discoloration. No recurrence was seen in the follow up period. This treatment regime is significantly effective than the control group (p <.001), 

Key words – Vicharchika, Eczema, Dasapushpa,Nimbanilavakadi kashaya

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