• Akhlesh Bhargava


The corn describe in ayurved text as kadar. Acharya Bhoj describe it as Manskeel. It’s shape is just like Koalmatra. There is involvement of meda and rakta with dosha. It is very painful condition for the patient. Excision of the corn is very  painful. In modern surgery the only form of treatment of an corn that affords any reliable prospect of cure is excision.But the surgeries of corn have an unenviable reputation for subsequent chronic wound healing, more hospitalization etc. These are few operations in surgery where the quality of the result is so much influenced by the technical skill of the surgeon. Generally is recommended that salicylic acid not be used by people with diabetes or when there is frail skin or poor circulation (because of concern about how the skin can heal). Sometime chemicals can harmful and allergic to the skin. Agnikarma is the best treatment for the corn. Acharya Sushruta has also describe-
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