• KHOLOUD Al Qallab Zarqa University Collage, Al Balqa Applied University
  • RAMADAN Hejazin
  • SARI Malahim Zarqa University Collage, Al Balqa Applied University.jordan


Objective: Development and wide use of technology by all groups of society is the global trend of world development and can be measured by Global Innovation Index (GII). The  GII is "an annual ranking of countries by their capacity for, and success in, innovation. This study contains estimation results of current development trends in the world, some of Arab countries based on Global Innovation Index as an Indicator.

Methods: The study relied on descriptive analytical method, The  GII is computed by taking a simple average of the scores in two sub-indices,the Innovation Input Index and Innovation Output Index, which are composed of five and two pillars respectively. Each of these pillars describes an attribute of innovation, and comprises up to five indicators, and their score is calculated by the weighted average method.

Results: The GII was increased from 0.5 in 2008 up to 36.3 in 2016. The GII of Arabic countries is lower than that of worldwide  GII. The wordwide GII was increased during the years 2013-2016 while decreased for Arabic Countries for the same perioed of time.

Conclusion: Innovation is a major pillar of the country's economic development and at the heart of good government policies. The global innovation index was decreased in some Arab countries that suffer from war in the last years that affect the economic and industry.   

Author Biographies

KHOLOUD Al Qallab, Zarqa University Collage, Al Balqa Applied University

Department of Administrative, Financial Sciences, and Computer

SARI Malahim, Zarqa University Collage, Al Balqa Applied University.jordan

Department of Administrative, Financial Sciences, and Computer.

assistant prof.


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