E-Commerce in India - with its whole bag of tricks


  • Amirtha Sundar National Institute of Technology, Trichy
  • Sivakumar Vj National Institute of Technology, Trichy


Today, the market is bound with rapid growing technology with quick transformations and innovations in every field, because of stiff competition and increased customer expectations. The businesses use new strategies to sustain and expand their business. One such technology which is trending now is e-commerce. The power of e-commerce is it has no boundaries that business could be conducted throughout the world. This has made many business concerns to quickly adopt e-commerce. The motive of this paper is to provide an insight on e-commerce and primarily focused about the nature of Indian customers, their expectations and the areas to be taken care of to maintain its position and for further improvement. Review makes sure that e-commerce has created a strong pedestal in the minds of Indian customers. However, Indian consumers show disinclination towards e-commerce to some extent. In due course, with the better services and offers, the problems of logistics, online payment frauds being solved, the trust element created, the e-commerce can bring Indian consumers out of hesitation, resulting in successful e-commerce.

Author Biographies

Amirtha Sundar, National Institute of Technology, Trichy

Research Scholar, Department of Management Studies

Sivakumar Vj, National Institute of Technology, Trichy

Head, Department of Management Studies.


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