• Sanskruti Saka Symbiosis School of Biomedical Sciences, Symbiosis International University, Gram-Lavale; Taluka-Mulshi, Pune 412115, India
  • Anshika Nikita Singh Symbiosis School of Biomedical Sciences, Symbiosis International University, Gram-Lavale; Taluka-Mulshi, Pune 412115, India
  • Neeti Sharma Symbiosis School of Biomedical Sciences, Symbiosis International University, Gram-Lavale; Taluka-Mulshi, Pune 412115, India


Cancer, a leading cause of mortality worldwide, has gained much attention and concern for its debilitating effects. Among the various oncological treatments and therapies like surgery, radiation, hormonal therapy, immune therapy, targeted therapy, Chemoprevention or Chemotherapy has recently being recognized as a promising strategy for prevention of afflicting disease like cancer. Chemoprevention is the use of natural or synthetic agents (alone or in combination) to suppress or prevent the process of oncogenesis. The role of diet and nutrition in cancer development has been overlooked for decades, despite of its strong scientific evidence. Only in recent years, plants, vegetables, herbs and spices of traditional diet and medicines have been accepted as one of the main sources of chemo preventive substances.

Keywords: Anticancer super food, Chemoprevention, traditional diet


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