• K. Pallavi G. Pulla Reddy College of Pharmacy, Osmania University
  • T. Pallavi


Objective: The main aim of the present research was to develop an oral fast dissolving polymeric film (FDF) with good mechanical properties, faster disintegration and dissolution when placed on the tongue.

Methods: Eletriptan hydrobromide is prescribed for the treatment of mild to a moderate migraine. The polymers selected for preparing films were Pullulan, Maltodextrin (MDX), Acacia, Sodium alginate (SA), Locust bean gum (LBG), Guar gum (GG), Xanthan gum (XG), Polyvinyl alcohol (PVA), Polyvinyl pyrrolidine (PVP), Hydroxyl propyl methyl cellulose (HPMC) E5, and HPMC E15. Twelve sets of films FN1–FN12 were prepared by solvent casting method with Pullulan and combination of Acacia, MDX, SA, LBG, GG, XG, PVA, PVP, HPMC E5 and HPMC E15. Five sets of films FS1–FS5 were prepared using synthetic polymers like PVA, PVP, HPMC E5 and HPMC E15.

Results: From all the prepared polymer formulations, FN2, FN8, and FS3 were selected based on disintegration time, and drug release and amongst this three FN2 was optimised based on its disintegration time (D. T). The percent drug release of the optimised film was compared with the percent release of the pure drug.

Conclusion: The optimised formulation had a D. T of 16 s and a percent drug release of 97.5% in 10 min in pH 6.8 phosphate buffer and 100.6% drug release in 10 min in 0.1N HCl.

Keywords: oral FDFs, Pediatric, Geriatric, Dysphasia


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