• Evgenii Plotnikov Tomsk Polytechnic University, Tomsk, Russia, Tomsk National Research Medical Center, Mental Health Research Institute, Tomsk, Russia
  • Vladimir Plotnikov Polytech Ltd, Tomsk, Russia



Methenamine silver, Hexamethylenetetramine silver, Poultry, Broilers, Blood parameters


Objective: Important trend in the global agribusiness is restrictions of antibiotics content in meat and poultry products. Widespread of antibiotic-resistant microorganisms leads to huge losses of the effectiveness of the drugs. The aim of the present work was an investigation of the biological activity of antibacterial complex–silver methenamine poultry farming.

Methods: The study of biochemical and hematological indices of blood we performed one day after single and course of oral drug administration on broilers Ross 308. Evaluation of biological action in industrial poultry farming was carried out on a group of 30 thousand broilers after a course of oral administration.

Results: revealed the silver complex (in form of water solution) has no toxic effects on blood parameters. It was shown the positive influence on survival and productivity of broilers.

Conclusion: Methenamine silver has certain potential as prospect drug and food additive.


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