• Pandey Priyambada M. Pharma Research Scholar (Pharmaceutical Quality Assurance), B. N. University, Udaipur (Raj),
  • Goyal Anju HOD, Department of Pharmaceutical Quality Assurance, B. N. University, Udaipur (Raj)




Carcinogenic, Magnesium Carbonate, Water soluble extract, EDTA, Pan Masala, Gutka etc


Objective: The objective of present study is to detect and quantitatively estimate Magnesium Carbonate, a potential carcinogen used for its anti-caking property in various brands of Pan Masala and Gutka by the simple, economic and effective method.

Methods: The water-soluble extract of various brands of Pan Masala and Gutka was prepared by a wrist action rotary shaker for 60 min. The extract was filtered, and the filtrate was titrated against 0.1N EDTA using Eriochrome Black T indicator at pH 10 and using Murexide indicator at pH 12.

Results: The presence of Magnesium Carbonate was found to be less than 2% in all brands of Pan Masala and less than 3% in all brands of Gutka samples used in the analysis.

Conclusion: There is Magnesium Carbonate used in all brands of Pan Masala and Gutka used in the present study.


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