• HRISHAV DAS PURKAYASTHA Acharya and BM Reddy College of Pharmacy, Achit Nagar, Bengaluru 560090
  • S. K. IMANUR HOSSIAN Acharya and BM Reddy College of Pharmacy, Achit Nagar, Bengaluru 560090



Nanosuspension, Bioavailability, Emulsification, Homogenization, Stability


Nanosuspension consists of the pure poorly water-soluble drug without any matrix material suspended in dispersion. The formulation as nanosuspension is an attractive and promising alternative to solve these problems. Nanosuspension technology solved the problem of drugs which are poorly aqueous soluble and less bioavailability. Stability and bioavailability of the drugs can be improved by Nanosuspension technology. Nanosuspensions are promising candidates that can be used for enhancing the dissolution of poorly water-soluble drugs. Preparation of Nanosuspension is simple and applicable to all drugs which are aqueous insoluble. Nanosuspensions are prepared by using wet mill, high-pressure homogenizer, emulsion‐solvent evaporation, melt emulsification method and supercritical fluid techniques. Nanosuspension can be prepared by using stabilizers, organic solvents and other additives such as buffers, salts, polyols, osmogent and cryoprotectant. Nanosuspensions can be delivered by oral,parenteral, pulmonary and ocular routes. Nanosuspensions can also be used for targeted drug delivery when incorporated in the ocular inserts and mucoadhesive hydrogels.


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