• Rabiyamma S Chidambaranathan Department of pharmacology, K. M. College of pharmacy, Madurai 625107, India
  • Syed Hussain Peeran


Objective: The aim of present research was undertaken to find out the effect of the potential Antidiabetic activity of Thunbergiafragrans and their effects on key metabolic enzymes involved in carbohydrate metabolism on alloxan induced diabetes in wistar rats.

Methods: In this study the plant extract was taken and measuring the changes in Blood glucose, Body weight, Glycogen content, Hematological & biochemical parameters, Hepatic glucokinase& hexokinase activity, and Glucose-6-phosphate levels inalloxan-induced diabetic rats.

Results: The effects produced by this plant extract on different parameters were compared with glipizide.

Conclusion: This extract also showed improvement in the parameters like body weight, liver glycogen content and carbohydrate metabolizing enzymes, as well as regeneration of β-cells of pancreas and so might be of value in diabetes treatment

Keywords: Thunbergia fragrance, Alloxan, Glipizide, Wistar rats.


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