• LINGESWARI A Department of Library, Dr. Sivanthi Aditanar College of Physical Education, Tiruchendur, Tamil Nadu, India.


Social networking, Physical education students, Twitter, Facebook


Objective: Social networking sites have spread widely all over the globe and are utilized by numerous users for many reasons and functions. Different studies were made on social networks and their effects, but little practical proofs are out there relating to the impact of using social networks on physical education students on academic performance and social engagement. This paper addresses the impact of victimization of social networks Facebook and Twitter on students’ engagement in each academic and social aspects.

Methods: The present study is a survey method using a questionnaire. The questionnaires were randomly distributed to the college students. The collected data were tabulated and graphically analysed.

Results: The most of the respondents are using Facebook and Instagram with 51.25% and 13.75%, respectively, for the purpose of finding friends and sharing their status. Twitter is used to raise their comments on social and personnel status.

Conclusion: The majority of the current college students have had access to the SNS for their lives. These digital natives see these technologies as a logical extension of traditional communication methods and perceive SNS as often a much quicker and more convenient way to interact. That they are aware of the danger and risk involved in these sites is a positive indicator that Indian college students are not only techno-savvy and socially active through SNS but they also possess social consciousness.


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