• Yadhari. K
  • Karthik Raja.K
  • Suresh. K
  • Raja .K
  • Malathi. G
  • Suthanthira Vanitha.N


Abstract—in currently conservation of the electricity is a vital factor which is effectively involved in economy of electricity generation. This paper presents a novel idea to save the electrical energy in the regulator. The energy consumed by any fan is not reduced by the regulator. The energy consumed becomes two parts. One is lost as heat energy in the regulator and the balance is used for rotating the fan. Even though fan runs slow, it consumes the same energy as it runs fast. In this new regulator, inductors are used instead of resistors. Resistor converts the electricity into heat but inductor converts it into emf and another inductor produces the same electricity from that emf. Since step up transformer is used serious with the fan. The consumed power by the transformer is returned and remaining power only can be consumed by the fan. If we use this technique, we can save 35- 38% of electricity. We can also control more than ten fans by using single regulator. It is hoped that this small product can make a big change in the power consumption.


Keywords—Energy saving regulator, AC voltage controller, Step up transformer based regulator, Series transformer.

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K, Y., Raja.K, K., K, S., .K, R., G, M., & Vanitha.N, S. (2014). A NOVEL DESIGN APPROACH IN REGULATOR SYSTEM FOR ENERGY CONSERVATION. Innovare Journal of Engineering and Technology, 2(1), 8-11. Retrieved from https://innovareacademics.in/journals/index.php/ijet/article/view/835

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