• Pratiti Datta Saveetha Dental College, Chennai
  • Pratyay Pratim Datta Dept. of Pharmacology, Hi-Tech Medical College and Hospital, Bhubaneswar, India


Fluorosis is endemic in different parts of the world. The condition may be manifested as dental fluorosis, skeletal fluorosis and other types of fluorosis (non-skeletal fluorosis). Most importance is given to dental fluorosis by the researchers. But, skeletal fluorosis is another form of fluorosis which is often neglected; though this form of fluorosis can cause criplling of a person. In the present study a thorough review has benn undertaken about the prevalence, etiology and clinical features of skeletal fluorosis.

Author Biographies

Pratiti Datta, Saveetha Dental College, Chennai

3rd year student, BDS

Pratyay Pratim Datta, Dept. of Pharmacology, Hi-Tech Medical College and Hospital, Bhubaneswar, India

Post Graduate Resident, Pharmacology


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