• ADUEMA WADIONI Department of Human Physiology, Faculty of Basic Medical Sciences, PAMO, University of Medical Sciences, Port Harcourt, Nigeria.




Ficus thonningii, Elevated plus maze, Anxiety, Mice


Objective: Since prehistoric times, man has relied on herbal plants as a source of medicine in curing various ailments. This study was carried out to assess the antianxiety-like effect of the ethanol extract of wild fig (Ficus thonningii) in Swiss white (CD-1) mice.

Methods: Thirty Swiss mice were randomly divided into three groups (1–3) (n=10). Group 1 (control) was administered normal rat fed and saline, while Group 2 (low dose) and Group 3 (high dose) were administered 10 mg/kg w/w and 20 mg/kg w/w of the plant extract, respectively. The elevated plus maze was used to assess anxiety-related behaviors.

Results: Data were analyzed using the statistical tools (one-way ANOVA and student t-test). Results revealed anxiety-like behavior in the low- and high-dose-treated mice when compared to the control.

Conclusion: Therefore, administration of F. thonningii reduced an anxiety-like behavior in mice.

Author Biography

ADUEMA WADIONI, Department of Human Physiology, Faculty of Basic Medical Sciences, PAMO, University of Medical Sciences, Port Harcourt, Nigeria.

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