Covid-19 Pandemic - Therapeutics and Novel development


  • Niraj Khatri Sapkota Chitwan Medical College




Every individual must follow the slogan of front line worker as "we stay at work for you , you stay at home",This means to protect the health care worker who are working in the frontline to save life of the Covid -19 patient of the different phases , other should stay home safe and secured , however, if we couldnt protect them than the matter will be serious to everyone to control the situation of this pandemic and many life can be lost. Thus, it is suggested to the young asymptmatic people to remain quarantine and isolated until the incubation period be over, it could be as long as 41 days or as short as 6 days but average time necessary is 14 days.
There are no drugs or other therapeutics presently working to knock out Covid -19 pandemic.However drugs employed in the treatment of hospitalised patient are on the basis of previous exposure of congruent strain of virus , in addition, supportive care management such as supplemental oxygen and mechanical ventilation procedure are highly being used to the critical patient
This review highlights step to step treatment plan , employed therapeutics , Mechanism , Efficacy and new development of the clinical trial results if any .



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