• MATHEW ROSAMMA Associate Professor& Research Guide in History Kuriakose .Elias College Mannanam , Kottayam


Empowerment   of women through Ages an Analysis is a much debated topic in the contemporary society.  The concept of women empowerment throughout the world has its roots in women's movement. Today the world has gone far ahead in its material progress. Inventions have become popularized, communities have become stabilized and people have become sophisticated. We, the citizen of the new millennium are destined to tune with the new wave of developments happening in the entire world now. It is the apt time to analyze the world from different angles. One of the chief dimensions or angles is to study the role and position and power enjoyed by women through Ages in its true perspective. This study is hypothesized that since women in India are empowered they could  participates in all activities such as education, sports, politics, media, art and culture, service sectors, science, technology and the like. In the midst, our society is still largely male dominated and most women do not have real freedom in their spheres of life. At the same time this study signifies two things. One is that that a cultural struggle is needed to sweep away the feudal and medieval mentality from which such a situation stem. The other one is the commendable role and power possessed by women through ages and their contributions to the entire society in the changed scenario.  More over this article intends to give an awareness and insight into the problems faced by women over years and their role and position from different angles. After all empowerment of women will lead to a world where women and men ensure that resources are utilized not just equitably, but sanely and safely.

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MATHEW ROSAMMA, Associate Professor& Research Guide in History Kuriakose .Elias College Mannanam , Kottayam

M.A (History), M.A. (Politics), M.Ed, PhD &   M SW

Associate Professor& Research Guide in History


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