• Harasankar Adhikari Social Worker


Introduction :

In patriarchal society, women are victims of gender biasedness. Education and women's work participation in globalized society women's status has been changed. But violence against women is rapidly increasing.

            Objective :

This study tried to examine whether violence is  due to women's competition with men in some aspect of life?

            Methods :

A study conducted on the women of different ages of Kolkata Metropolis of Eastern India and informal interview and observation method were the primary source of information. Through random sampling, 100 women of different ages were selected purposively regardless of demographic identity and other personal aspects.

            Result & discussion :

Of these, 92% women was involved in gender competition in their daily lives with male counterpart which were restricted in their dresses, intake of alcohol, smoking stick and freedom to loiter till late night. They were shaping them as commodity and media had a role for this.

Conclusion :

                        There is need of correction of notion in relation to gender equity.    Family should work as correctional home to facilitate true gender equity and justice.   

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Harasankar Adhikari, Social Worker
Social worker
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