• Ogunrinade D.O.A


This paper appraises music as an essential part of Nigerian culture and its implication for national development.  It discussed music as important aspect of culture and the rationale for the inclusion of the subject in Nigerian schools at all levels of education.  It also explicates music education available in the community as well. The Music provides utilitarian education, information, entertainment and enlightenment.  It uplifts the soul of the citizenry in a hard economic situation. It corrects and helps to discipline people's behaviour thereby contributing effectively for national development.  Some important literatures were reviewed..  The result shows that music contributes to national development of Nigeria. It produces the aesthetics and useful feeling (emotion) used in national development. It is also useful as a medium that preaches the words of faith to the society which uplifts their spiritual feelings making them to possess good morals which aid in national development.  The paper ended up with the conclusion that Music is the engine which impels the national development when adequately used with recommendation of improvement on the study of the subject in Nigerian schools. 


KEYWORDS; Music Education, Music as an integral part of Culture, Need for Music Education in Schools, National Development
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