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WhatsApp video calling: New alternate to video conferencing apps 2024?

WhatsApp video calling

WhatsApp video calling is a versatile tool that extends the functionality of the popular messaging app, making it easier to stay connected with friends, family, and colleagues through face-to-face conversations.

WhatsApp video calling new features

WhatsApp video calling can now be used for meetings with its new features launched recently in new updates (2024). It will replace the most popular video conferencing apps like Google Meet, Zoom, FaceTime, etc. In other words, these conferencing apps will no longer be needed for small group meetings and will be a revolutionary step in the world of video conferencing and other events.

WhatsApp has recently updated its video calling features by adding these four new developments.

With an overview of these newly added 4 functionalities of WhatsApp video calling, let us see.

1. Screen-sharing: a new feature of WhatsApp video calling

  • First Introduction: The sharing-screen feature was first introduced in WhatsApp video calling in August 2023.
  • New Feature: This feature now supports sharing audio with the screen.
  • Use Case: This allows the watching of videos together with friends or family members over a WhatsApp call.

2. Increased Number of Participants in WhatsApp video calling

  • Old Limits: Earlier, it used to support
    • Mobile devices: 32 participants
    • Windows: 16 participants
    • macOS: 8 people
  • New Updated Feature: Now you can have up to 32 participants in a single video call, accessible from all devices, including mobile devices and operating systems like Windows and macOS.
  • Comparison: If we compare this new update, it aligns with Apple’s FaceTime, which supports up to 32 participants. On the other hand, Google Meet and Zoom support up to 100 participants on their basic tier.
New Updates 2024 WhatsApp Video Calling
New Updates 2024 WhatsApp Video Calling. Source: gadgets now

3. Speaker Spotlight: a revolutionary feature of WhatsApp video calling

  • Functionality: Spotlights the person who speaks automatically in a video call. This new feature is a revolution and is the most helpful function that helps the organiser minimize the supporting staff role. 
  • Display: The screen switches the active speaker to the forefront, increasing the attention on the active speaker. These features make the event more interactive and successful.

4. Meta Low Bitrate (MLow) Codec: Quality enhancement of WhatsApp video calling

  • Purpose: It enhances call reliability, especially for users with poor network connectivity or old devices. This feature is beneficial in remote places where users face poor network connectivity and during traveling. It is handy for video conferencing for working officials who are frequent travellers to meet the job responsibilities.
  • Advantages: It provides twice the audio quality with 10% lower computational complexity than the previously deployed codec, i.e., Opus. Although this is based on technology, its implementation makes WhatsApp video calling more user-friendly.
  • Availability: This function/feature is already available to users using Instagram and Messenger calls, and with new updates, it is now being rolled out on WhatsApp to enhance calling across all Meta platforms, a parent company of WhatsApp.

Concluding remark

Through these updates, WhatsApp is trying to improve the quality of video calls and make them more competitive for everyone.

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