Complicated urinary tract infection with Extensive Drug resistant Klebsiella pneumoniae treated with combinatorial therapy of CSE-1034 along with Carbapenems. A case report and the review of literature

  • Sanjith Saseedharan Department of Critical Care Medicine, S L Raheja Hospital, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India.


Colistin is considered one of the last available therapeutic options to treat infections caused by carbapenem-resistant Klebsiella pneumoniae (CRKP).
However, with an increase in the use of colistin to treat CRKP infections, colistin resistance is emerging and there are no standard treatment regimens
for these type of infections. In the present case report, we are discussing a case of 64-year-old male patient having complicated urinary tract infection
(cUTI) by CRKP, treated successfully with ceftriaxone+sulbactam+EDTA (CSE-1034) and carbapenem combination therapy. Conclusively, CSE-1034 in
combination with or without carbapenems could be a successful therapeutic option for the treatment of CRKP cUTI cases.

Keywords: Catheter-associated urinary tract infections, Carbapenems, Extended spectrum beta lactamases, Metallo-beta-lactamases


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