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The diseases involve heart and blood vessels are classified under cardiovascular diseases. Hypertension (HTN) is a disorder of the CV system characterized by elevated arterial blood pressure. Pulsatile drug delivery systems are on highlight today. This is due to their distinct advantage of releasing drug as the circadian rhythm of the disease. The beta-blockers are first-line therapy for the HTN. Hence, researches related to such modified formulations of these drugs are of need to increase the patient compliance and convenience. This review describes the various such systems published in literature. This also includes a brief description about circadian rhythm and beta-blockers. The researchers involved in the development of modified release formulations are the main target audience for this review.


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ALANKAR SHRIVASTAVA, Department of Pharmaceutical Quality Assurance, KIET School of Pharmacy, Ghaziabad-Meerut Road (NH-58) Muradnagar-201206, District Ghaziabad.

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