• DANGAR DK Research scholar, Shree S.K. Patel College of Pharmaceutical Education and Research, Ganpat University, Mehsana, Gujarat.
  • PATEL NJ Departement of Pharmacology, Shree S.K. Patel College of Pharmaceutical Education and Research, Ganpat University, Mehsana, Gujarat.


Objective: Neuracanthus sphaerostachyus has been traditionally used to treat skin diseases, cough, and asthma. Lack of sufficient scientific evidence indicating the utility of this plant in the treatment of inflammation prompted us to investigate the anti-inflammatory activity of the plant in different experimental screening methods.

Methods: In vitro and in vivo anti-inflammatory activity of the methanolic and aqueous extracts of N. sphaerostachyus (MENS and AENS) leaves at doses of 125, 250, and 500 mg/kg was evaluated with albumin denaturation and carrageenan-induced paw edema in rats and acetic acid-induced increased vascular permeability in mice.

Results: Methanolic and aqueous extract significantly inhibited protein denaturation as well as edema induced by carrageenan and vascular permeability in mice dose dependently. Aspirin (0.1 mg/ml), indomethacin (10 mg/kg), and dexamethasone (5 mg/kg) were used as a standard control.

Conclusion: It is concluded that MENS and AENS leaves exhibited significant anti-inflammatory activity.

Keywords: Neuracanthus sphaerostachyus, Inflammation, Paw edema, Albumin denaturation, Vascular permeability.

Author Biography

DANGAR DK, Research scholar, Shree S.K. Patel College of Pharmaceutical Education and Research, Ganpat University, Mehsana, Gujarat.

Associate Professor & Head,

Department of Pharmacology,

Shree S. K. Patel College of Pharmaceutical Education &

Research, Ganpat University


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