Hydatid Cyst with Focus on manifestations, diagnosis, and management: Review

  • Raiaan ahmad kabakli Alandalus University for Medical Sciences



Hydatids or Cystic echinococcosis (CE) results from being infected with Echinococcus granulosus that is found in dogs as definitive hosts, and humans, sheep, goats and pigs as intermediate hosts, mainly prevailing in regions with animal husbandry.


Our review summarizes the historical backgrounds of Echinococcus, together with the biological and epidemiological aspects of the parasite, in addition to diagnosis and treatment ways.


Echinococcosis is a public health concern, especially in developing regions; this is due to the medical and economic harm to humans and the inefficiency of treatment and the difficulty of diagnosis in the early stages of infection.


In light of the risk of E. multilocularis infection, it's important to increases the awareness about the disease and more study will help in limiting spread of the disease.

Keywords: Hydatids, Echinococcosis, parasite, granulosus, hosts
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