• JIMMY DEVI O Acharya & B.M. Reddy college of Pharmacy
  • Priyanka Pamba



Bamboo shoots contain various protein, carbohydrates, amino acids, minerals, fat, sugar, fiber, and inorganic salts. They contain 17 amino acids, 8 of
which are essential for the human body. Tyrosine amounts to 57-67% of the total amino acid content. Aqueous extracts of bamboo shoot were found
to contain bamboo shoot angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitory peptide (bamboo shoot peptide [BSP]) fraction. On identification of the fraction,
Asp-Tyr was found as the key active component. It reduces systolic blood pressure. The phenolic compound present in BSP is having vasodilatory
effect, which can decrease hypertension.
Keywords: Bamboo extract, Antihypertensive, Bamboo shoot peptide, Angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitor.

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JIMMY DEVI O, Acharya & B.M. Reddy college of Pharmacy

pharmacy practice, lecturer


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