• DIPALI P SHELKE Department of Pharmacology, Channabasweshwar College of Pharmacy (Degree), Latur, MS, India.
  • VIJAYENDRA SWAMY SM Department of Pharmacology, Channabasweshwar College of Pharmacy (Degree), Latur, MS, India.



Diabetes mellitus, Ayurveda, Medicinal plants, Hypoglycemic


Diabetes mellitus is one of the major health problems in the world, the incidence and associated mortality are increasing. Fourth leading causes of death in the most advanced countries and there, in other emerging and recently industrialized nations, still controlled the epidemic. Inadequate control of blood sugar has significant consequences for well-being. Ayurveda and other Indian writing referenced the utilized of plants in the treatment of different diseases. Medicinal plant with antidiabetic potential has been recent area of research. The efficiency of these medicinal plants may regulate the diabetic metabolic abnormalities. This work would help researchers to choose potential herbal for diabetic treatment.


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