• Nagarathna Pkm
  • Chandrajeet Kumar Yadav
  • Saroj Kumar Yadav


Dalbergia latifolia Roxb. (Family: Fabaceae) is a traditional herb, contain latinone and     dalcriodain flavonoid having excellence medicinal value8.

Thepresentstudy wasdesignedtoevaluatetheanti-mutagenicpotentialofMethanolic extractof Dalbergia latifolia,usingmicronucleus(MN)andchromosomalaberration(CA)assay inmice bonemarrow.Theanti-mutageniceffectofDalbergia latifoliawasassessed usingcyclophosphamideMNformationandCAinmice.Theanimalswerepre-treatedwiththe MethanolicextractofDalbergia latifoliaorallyattwodosesof100, 200mg/kgbody weightforsevendays.InMNandCAtestthetwodosesprovidedprotectionwhengiven24hrs priortoasinglei.padministrationofcyclophosphamide(100mg/kgbodyweight). Theseresults demonstrate thatMethanolic extractofDalbergia latifoliahas got anti-mutagenic potential.

Keywords: Dalbergia latifolia, Methanolic extract, anti-mutagenic activity


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