• Nobuyuki Wakui Division of Applied Pharmaceutical Education and Research, Hoshi University
  • Sakiko Ando Division of Applied Pharmaceutical Education and Research, Hoshi University
  • Ami Kobayashi
  • Nae Sasaki
  • Miho Yamamura
  • Yoshiaki Matida
  • Shotaro Sakurai


Objective: Hospital formulations containing allopurinol and rebamipide are used in the prophylactic and therapeutic management of stomatitis,
owing to their antioxidant powers. The objective of this study was to measure the antioxidant powers of Zyloric® tablets (allopurinol), Mucosta®
tablets (rebamipide), different hospital formulations indicated in the management of stomatitis (allopurinol and rebamipide mouthwashes), and
Azulene® 0.4% for Gargle (sodium azulene sulfonate).
Methods: We measured the antioxidant powers of Zyloric® and Mucosta® tablets, all hospital formulations indicated in the management of stomatitis
(allopurinol and rebamipide mouthwashes), and the widely used Azulene® 0.4% for Gargle by employing the biological antioxidant potential test. We
compared the efficacy of each of these drugs in the management of stomatitis.
Results: Azulene® 0.4% for Gargle was found to have stronger antioxidant power than Zyloric® (100 mg) and Mucosta® (100 mg) tablets dissolved in
water. The antioxidant power of the solvent used in hospital formulations was similar to that of the prepared hospital formulation. Antioxidant power
of the drugs themselves was not observed in both the allopurinol and rebamipide mouthwashes.
Conclusion: The antioxidant power of the drugs was not observed in both the allopurinol and rebamipide mouthwashes; therefore, hospital
formulations used as antioxidants were found to be less effective in the treatment of stomatitis. However, Azulene® 0.4% for Gargle was found to be
useful in the prophylactic and therapeutic management of stomatitis, owing to its antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory effects.
Keywords: Stomatitis, Bone alkaline phosphatase-test, Allopurinol mouthwash, Rebamipide mouthwash, Azulene® 0.4% for Gargle, Antioxidant power


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