• Rachita Sarangi


Objective: Tuberculous parotitis in children is a rare disease and its pre-operative diagnosis remains difficult because of the low incidence and
nonspecific presentation of swellings, mimicking benign and malignant neoplasm of the parotid gland.
Methods: Patients presenting in the pediatric ward and outdoor patient department were screened and diagnosed on a day to day basis. Diagnoses
of the disease in three children were made by strong clinical suspicion on morphological observations of developed swellings and were confirmed
by ancillary diagnostic measures, ultrasonography (USG), histology, and Ziehl–Neelsen staining of aspirates of lesions obtained with USG-guided fine
needle aspiration cytology.
Results: Rare cases of parotid gland tuberculosis were detected and they were properly investigated, photographed after consent and treatment given
to them were documented. Tubercular infections of parotid glands in three children are described that were addressed by anti-tubercular treatment.
Conclusion: Etiology confirmed nonspecific presentations of swellings as tuberculous parotitis in three children.
Keywords: Tuberculous parotitis, Ultrasonography, Fine-needle aspiration cytology.


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