• Kanchan Dubal
  • Sachin Patil
  • Meena Dongare
  • Manisha Kale


Objective: The present study was for the determination of bioactive volatile compounds from chloroform and ethanolic extract.
Methods: For present investigation of the samples were carried out by using Shimadzu Make QP-2010 with nonpolar 60 M RTX 5MS Column.
Interpretation on Mass-Spectrum GC-MS was conducted using the database of National Institute Slandered and Technology (NIST) having more
62,000 patterns.
Results: In Ethanolic extract seven compounds and chloroform extract fourteen compounds were identified. The common compounds in these two
extracts are Germacrene D; 1, 3-cyclohexanedione, 2-methyl-2 (3-Oxobutyl); Neoisolongifolene, 8, 9-dehydro.
Coclusion: Present investigation emphasizes the efficacy of traditional remedies and that it inspires the people to realize the importance of natural
resources for its potent pharmaceutical use.
Keywords: Medicinal pteridophyte, Gas chromatography-mass spectroscopy analysis, Ethanol extract, Chloroform extract, Bioactive compounds.


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