• Madhulita Panda CPS Mohuda



Objective: In this present research, formulation of floating multiple unit minitablets of metoprolol succinate without using gas generating agent was attempted with an objective of increased residence time, sustain release and improved oral bioavailability.

Materials and Methods: Solid dispersions were prepared with lipophilic carriers such as compritol ATO888, Gelucire 43/01, Gelucire 39/01 and precirol ATO05 was formulated using fusion technique. Neusillin US2 was used as an adsorbent. The solid dispersions were compressed into minitablets each weighing 20 mg and then filled into ‘0’ size capsule.

Results: Formulation F9, F10, F14 and F15 showed instantaneous floating lag time i.e. 0 min, floating time more than 12 h and sustained release upto 12 h. Pharmacokinetic study of the optimized formulation (F9) showed 2.46 times increase in area under the curve with increased residence time.

Conclusion: Hence gelucire 43/01 based floating multiple unit minitablets of metoprolol succinate can be considered as a promising approach. 


Keywords: Keywords: Gelucire 43/01, bioavailability, stability, floating lag time


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