• Ashish Masih School of Pharmaceutical Science, Jaipur National University, Jagatpura, Jaipur, Rajasthan, India
  • Ajay Kumar Tiwari


Objective: The present work is aimed to formulate fast dissolving stable tablet formulation a preferred combination of Amoxycillin trihydrate (Beta-lactum antibiotic) and Potassium clavulanate (Beta-lactum inhibitor) by using various super disintegrants.

Methods: Fast dissolving tablets are prepared by direct compression method using super disintegrants i.e. sodium starch glycolate, crospovidone, croscarmellose sodium. Aspartame as a sweetener and trusil mango flavor were used to increase palatability. Reduction in the dose of Amoxycillin trihydrate and Potassium clavulanate tablet was possible by developing fast dissolving tablet.

Results: The powder blends were subjected to various pre-formulation evaluations such as, tapped density, bulk density, hausner's ratio, the angle of repose and compressibility index. The prepared Amoxycillin trihydrate and Potassium clavulanate fast dissolving tablets were evaluated for thickness, weight variation, friability, disintegration time, hardness, wetting time and in vitro drug release. All fast dissolving tablet formulations shown uniform weight, hardness and friability data indicates the good mechanical resistance of the fast dissolving tablet. Fast dissolving tablets were disintegrated between 25-50 second and in vitro disintegration time of the best fast disintegrating tablets was found to be 25 second.

Conclusion: Amoxycillin trihydrate and Potassium clavulanate fast dissolving tablets were found to be of good quality fulfilling all the needs for fast dissolving tablets. The optimised (F-4) formulation had shown best disintegration time and released profile with a maximum in vitro drug release as compare to marketed preparation at all time intervals of in vitro drug release.

Keywords: Fast dissolving tablets, Amoxycillin trihydrate, Potassium clavulanate, Sodium starch glycolate, Crospovidone, Croscarmellose sodium


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