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Cubosomes, Drug-loading hydrophilic, Hydrophobic, Amphiphilic, Lyotropic liquid crystals, Biocontinuous, Nanoparticles, Honeycomb, Self-assembly, Anti-cancer


Cubosomes are stable nanostructured liquid crystalline particles which are made of a specific group of amphiphilic lipids in definite proper ratio in water and then stabilised by biocompatible substances like triblock polymer. Cubosomes are curved bicontinuous cubic phase liquid crystals and they can split to form thermodynamically stable particulate dispersions. Cubosomes have biocompatible and bio-adhesive properties andare capable of loading 3D bilayered structure resembling honeycomb (carvenous) like structure by encapsulating lipophilic, hydrophobic and amphiphilic substances. Cubosomes are administered through different ways such as orally, parenterally and percutaneously. Cubosomes are versatile systems in their structure for drug delivery systems.


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