Biotechnology: Present day opportunities and challenges for public health

Amit Gupta


Mission of biotechnology industries in terms of public health that has been to improve and save human lives. In other words, biotechnology has been used to benefit the environment with new crops that reduce pesticide level and industrial enzymes that penetrate chemical waste and energy consumption during manufacturing. Now, biotechnological companies are able to develop products for national and homeland defense i.e. vaccines, therapeutics, diagnostics, rapid response systems including decontamination enzymes directing to attain the counterbalance of biological warfare agents. The most significant applications of modern biotechnology with respect to public health related to food production, epidemiological studies involving various infectious diseases, changes in climate and food security including malnutrition that introduced present day opportunities and challenges for human health and development. 

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Biotechnology: Present day opportunities and challenges for public health



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Innovare Journal of Life Sciences
Vol 4 Issue 5 2016 (Oct-Nov) Page: 6-9

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