• Manikandan A.
  • Sivakumar A. School of Bio-Science and Technology, VIT University, Vellore, Tamil Nadu, India


N-substituted (E)-4-arylidene-isoquinoline-1, 3-dione, Carrageenan, Anti-inflammatory, Analgesic, Diclofenac sodium, Antipyretic, Indomethacin


Objective: To evaluate the isoquinoline (N-substituted (E)-4-arylidene-isoquinoline-1,3-dione) derivatives (5a-h) for their anti-inflammatory, analgesic and antipyretic activity potentials in animal models using indomethacin and diclofenac sodium as the standard.

Methods: Peripheral and central analgesic activities were determined by induced writhing and tail immersion tests. Carrageenan stimulated rat paw edema model was used to evaluate the anti-inflammatory activities by examining the increase in paw volume and percentage inhibition of paw volume was calculated with plethysmometer at different time periods. Brewer's yeast induced pyresis model was used to assessing the anti-pyretic activity by measuring the decreased rectal temperature.

Results: Compounds 5g>5d>5h showed anti-inflammatory, analgesic and antipyretic activities and they were significant with p<0.001 and comparable with the control group. The results coincided with our previous report which suggests that the compounds 5g>5d>5h may take into further druggability evaluations.

Conclusion: New isoquinoline derivatives produced significant anti-inflammatory, analgesic, and antipyretic activities and this suggests that these derivatives need further drug development evaluations especially for the compounds 5g>5d>5h.

Keywords: N-substituted (E)-4-arylidene-isoquinoline-1,3-dione, Carrageenan, Anti-inflammatory, Analgesic, Diclofenac sodium, Antipyretic, Indomethacin


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