• Alvan F. Shalas School of Pharmacy, Medical Faculty, Brawijaya University, Malang, East Java, Indonesia
  • Siswandono
  • Marcellino Rudyanto


1-allyl-3-(2-chlorobenzoyl)thiourea, Modified Schotten-Baumann, Analgesic activity


Objective: The research was aimed to synthesize 1-allyl-3-(2-chlorobenzoyl) thiourea and determine its analgesic activity in mice (Mus musculus).

Methods: The synthesis was carried out by modified Schotten-Baumann reaction, via nucleophilic substitution reaction of allylthiourea on 2-chlorobenzoyl chloride. The analgesic test was done by writhing test on mice (Mus musculus).

Results: Pure 1-allyl-3-(2-chlorobenzoyl) thiourea was obtained, confirmed by means of UV, IR, 1H-NMR, 13C-NMR, and MS spectroscopy. The compound showed better pain inhibition activity compared to diclofenac sodium, with ED50 = 15.440 mg/kg BW.

Conclusion: The compound 1-allyl-3-(2-chlorobenzoyl) thiourea can be synthesized by one-step modified Schotten-Baumann reaction, and showed a good analgesic activity. The compound needs further investigation as a potential analgesic drug candidate.

Keywords: 1-allyl-3-(2-chlorobenzoyl)thiourea, Modified Schotten-Baumann, Analgesic activity 


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