• Naser M.y. Hasan School of Pharmacy, Taif University, Saudi Arabia
  • Dhaifallah M. Almalki School of Pharmacy, Taif University, Saudi Arabia
  • Mohammed J.k. Althuwaybi School of Pharmacy, Taif University, Saudi Arabia
  • Hassan M. Alshehri School of Pharmacy, Taif University, Saudi Arabia


Objective: There are many successful products on the market which are the culmination of the self-micro-emulsification lipid technology applications. Despite the importance of lipid-based formulations, these systems have some limitations including; stability, complexity during large scale manufacturing process and limited dosage forms to such as soft gelatin capsule. In order to overcome these limitations, the prospect of converting self-micro-emulsifying drug delivery systems (SMEDDS) into tablet dosage form was investigated in this study.

Methods: A self-micro-emulsifying oil formulation representing type III A lipid class composed of glycerox 767HC/croduret 40 ss at ratios of (80/20) was converted into solid SMEDDS using solid carrier adsorption method. Powder blends containing magnesium trisilicate hydrate (MTSH) or magnesium lluminum silicate (MAS) at various oil loading factors were mixed with MCC with and without various binders and compressed into tablets using a fixed loading force of approximately of 5 KN. Hardness profiles of these oil loaded tablets were then analyzed.

Results: Powder compacts which contained MTSH with and without SMEDDS oil had shown relatively better compaction properties than MAS. Adding SMEDDS oil solution to either MTSH or MAS at ratios of 1:9 has relatively reduced tablets hardness by almost 2 or 4 folds, respectively.

Conclusion: Progressive inclusion of increasing amounts of SMEDDS oil solution adsorbed unto the solid carrier has incurred a further reduction in the hardness of SMEDDS tablets. It appears that manufacturing of tablet SMEDDS can only be attainable for highly potent drugs as minimal amounts of oil solution added to the powder blends can adversely affect the mechanical strength of compressed tablet.

Keywords: SMEDDS, S-SMEDDS, Tablet SMEDDS, Magnesium Aluminum Silicate, Magnesium Trisilicate hydrate


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