• S. P. Hiremath Department of Pharmaceutics, KLE University’s College of Pharmacy, Hubli 580 031, Karnataka, India
  • Chidambar Makanapur Department of Pharmaceutics, KLE University’s College of Pharmacy, Hubli 580 031, Karnataka, India


Objective: The rationale of the current work was to formulate and evaluate orodispersible tablets by direct compression technique with a vision to augment patient compliance and rapid onset of action.

Methods: Nine orodispersible formulations of propranolol were formulated by direct compression method using sodium starch glycolate, crospovidone and croscarmellose sodium as the super disintegrants. The prepared formulations were evaluated for wetting time, drug content, in vitro disintegration time, dispersion time, dissolution time and also projected to kinetic treatment to know the pattern of drug release. Further, the discovered promising formulation was subjected to stability studies.

Results: Based on the results obtained, formulation F9 containing6 mg of croscarmellose sodium exhibited good wetting time, dispersion time, and disintegration time and drug release compared to orodispersible tablets prepared with other super disintegrants. The stability studies piloted as per International Conference on Harmonisation guidelines on the promising formulationF9disclosedno significant changes in the colour (white), drug content (94.87±0.141 mg), hardness (2.93±0.18 kg/cm2), disintegration time (17.11±0.089 s), and drug release after 4 w. After 60 s, the percentage drug release of F9 was found to be 98.52 % and 96.30 % after 1 and 4 w, respectively.

Conclusion: Orodispersible tablets of propranolol hydrochloride were formulated successfully by employing direct compression technique. From the investigation, it can be reasonably concluded that F9 batch orodispersible tablets of propranolol with 6 mg of crospovidone exhibited maximum cumulative drug release in 60 s.

Keywords: Propranolol, Orodispersible tablets, Direct compression technique, Superdisintegrants


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