• S. S. Torgal Department of Pharmacology and Pharmacotherapeutics, KLE University’s, J. N. Medical College, Belgaum – 590010. Karnataka, India.
  • Sugato C. H. Department of Pharmacology and Pharmacotherapeutics, KLE University’s, J. N. Medical College, Belgaum – 590010. Karnataka, India.


Objective: To study the effect of metformin and simvastatin on diazepam-and sodium nitrite-induced anterograde amnesia in male Swiss albino mice.

Methods: A total of 56 healthy male Swiss albino mice weighing 20–30 g were included in the study Mice were divided into seven groups (n=8) and received a specific dosage of drugs including metformin and simvastatin. Anterograde amnesia was induced by diazepam and sodium nitrite. Morris water maze paradigm was used to study amnesia in which the mice were trained to locate a hidden platform by releasing them into the opaque water for four times a day for four consecutive days. The acquisition of this task was evaluated by measuring escape latency time on all the days of study and by measuring the index of retrieval on day 5 of the study. These observations were compared among the test groups and drug-induced amnesia groups. The time was expressed as mean±standard error of the mean.

Results: Significant reduction in the mean escape latency time (25.25 ± 5.09 s) and index of retrieval (52.38 ± 3.55 s) was observed in groups administered with sodium nitrite and metformin (p<0.001). In groups administered with sodium nitrite and simvastatin, the mean escape latency time and index of retrieval were 47.66 ± 7.69 s and 40.75 ± 4.13 s, respectively (p<0.05)). In addition, metformin completely ameliorated sodium nitrite-induced anterograde amnesia.

Conclusion: Metformin and simvastatin ameliorated sodium nitrite-induced anterograde amnesia pointing toward a possible antioxidant role and can, therefore, be used to potentially inhibit oxidative stress-induced neurodegeneration. However, the pleiotropic roles of metformin and simvastatin are the areas that warrant further investigation before their clinical use.

Keywords: Anterograde amnesia, Metformin, Simvastatin, Diazepam, Sodium nitrite, Morris water maze


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